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My name is Roman Drkoš and for almost 27 years I have been professionally involved in the sale and service of premium category cars. The demanding work has brought me many successes, but also the need for intensive rest. My free time I often divided my time between sports and active vacations in the mountains or by the sea, usually in Croatia. The division "CARTec consulting - real estate" was founded on the basis of my lifelong love for Croatia, active rest by the Adriatic, yachting, water sports and local kind-hearted people, who over time have become my loyal friends.Thanks to many years of knowledge of Croatian Dalmatia, local customs, practical experience and language, I have decided to offer help to those interested in investment or holiday living in Croatia with the selection of a suitable location and real estate so that their active rest becomes the same I am closely and friendly connected with the owners of the important real estate agency Antenor, which we exclusively represent in the Czech Republic. Antenor offers the vast majority of real estate opportunities in the Zadar region, especially in its northwestern part, which has become a part of my home as well. Here you can enjoy recreation, sports and cultural education all year round. This region is very attractive with its unmistakable beauty and, moreover, with the shortest distance of approx. 7 hours from the Czech Republic. From the north, it is bordered by the majestic Velebit mountain range, visible from everywhere, falling steeply into the Velebit channel, from the southwest by a view of the beautifully blue Adriatic Sea interspersed with the dominant islands of Pašman – Ugljan, beyond which you will find the breathtaking national parks of Kornati, Telaštica and, to the east, the Krka waterfalls.

In our offer you will find a selection of the most attractive properties from Antenor's offer from our point of view, often accompanied by personal photos and commentary. We know most real estate as well as our own location, and we are able to present our personal opinion and recommendations depending on the priorities, expectations and requirements communicated by you when purchasing real estate. We have our own local experience with the construction of new properties or with their reconstruction, and we can also help with our own implementation. We can also assure you that the quality of services and companies that will help you with construction is at a very high level and at prices that you are used to in the Czech Republic.

I look forward to hearing from you if something from our offer interests you or if you have a different idea about the property. However, you can get in touch even if you just need advice or our opinion. Croatia is our second home.

Roman Drkoš (CARTec consulting) and Tonči Pijaca (Antenor)

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